Grading Scale and Information

Card condition grading all over has become generally universal and it is common for our gradin scale to be understood from another. Our scale is used to give you an idea of the condition the card will arrive in. Aside from the grading indicated, our products will include the image of the card you will be receiving to inspect before purchase.




Mint (M) No wear and tear, or imperfections on the card. Our Mint cards tend to be pack fresh, unless we know they have been handled properly over the years. Mint cards can have manufacturing issues, but the card itself will have no unnoticeable play.  
Near Mint (NM)
Minimal to no wear and can be nearly unscratched, and few imperfections like edging outside. A Near Mint card may have a few flaws, but overall look nearly unplayed.
Light Play (LP)
Minor to minimal wear and can be nearly undamaged, with few noticeable blemishes on the card. Small imperfections are expected, but will not be severe.
Played (P) Major to Minor wear from usage and can be expected to have noticeable imperfections on the cards. This card will look like it has been played, and can be easily recognized.
HP (Heavy Play) These cards have received major damage over time, mishandling, and usage. The price will be reduced on these cards, even if rare. Heavily Played cards will have severe damage to the card.


If you have any concerns about our grading system - please contact us and we would be happy to help.